Online data cleansing with FREE data audit

Experian Intact is a leading online data cleansing service, providing organisations with a fast, secure and user-friendly way of improving the integrity of their consumer or business data.

Register and follow our five easy steps:

Step 11 SUBMIT FILE Send your consumer or business data to Experian Intact
Step 22 DEFINE DATA Answer a few short questions about your data
Step 33 VIEW YOUR AUDIT A FREE data audit will be emailed to you and available to view online
Step 44 SELECT SERVICES Select the services you wish to apply to your data
Step 55 DOWNLOAD FILE Download and pay for your cleansed data
Demographics Online

Do you know that Experian can help you profile customers, analyse local markets and report and map information on the web?

Use Experian's Demographics Online tool to:
- Understand your existing customers and find new ones
- Identify the potential of local markets
- Identify the attractiveness of sales or trade areas
- Visualise your data

Click here to visit the Demographics Online website for more details.