Why Choose Experian Intact?

Experian Intact is a leading online data cleansing service, providing B2C and B2B organisations with a cost effective and user-friendly way of improving the integrity of their data directly from their desktops.

Access to a wide range of industry leading data

Experian Intact offers organisations online access to a wide range of data files to improve the integrity of consumer or business data:

  • Experian's Unique Reference Files - Absolute Movers, Absolute Contacts, ConsumerView and Mortality Suppressions from Experian UK.
  • Experian's Unique Business Data - National Business Database incorporates Thompson and Companies House information.
  • Client Proven Mover Data - Helping organisations to regain contact with consumers that have moved house, by providing accurate, updated address details.
  • Comprehensive Range of Industry Recognised Files - Including Mortascreen, NDR, TBR, NCOA Suppress, GAS, NCOA Update, MPS, TPS, FPS, BT OSIS, Corporate TPS and the Business Change of Address File.
  • Widest Range of Enhancement Data - Over 25 B2C and B2B data variables available online.
Range of services to meet your changing requirements

Experian Intact provides organisations with access to Experian's range of data integrity capabilities via a user-friendly desktop service:

  • Easy To Use, 24/7 Online Service - Initiated from the user's desktop, and does not require any advance configuration, technical knowledge or resource to start using the application.
  • Full Range of Data Integrity Services - Clean, Validate, Suppress, Enhance and Match using Experian Intact online or bureau services.
  • Speed and Flexibility - Users can quickly cleanse data at their convenience around their own campaign schedules.
  • Free Data Audit - Users are able to make informed decisions about which services to apply to their data AFTER reviewing their audit results.
  • Additional Experian Intact Selections - Select additional services after completion of the initial job* without the need to re-process the original data.
Trusted and experienced partner

Experian helps our clients discover the best way to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time, to achieve their long-term marketing goals:

  • Multiple Sector Experience - Including Financial Services, Charities, Insurance, Travel, Education, Automotive, Government and Public Sector.
  • Experienced and Dedicated Helpdesk - Free access and support from the Experian Intact helpdesk.
  • 25 Years of Data Cleansing Experience - Experian is chosen by over 10,000 organisations world-wide to support their data integrity requirements.

*within 5 days of completion